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Flat bottom

Good stability, the bottom of the pin is flat design easy to weld with PCB plate.


There is no deviation when the pin shaft has a positioning pin and the PCB plate welding.

Double needle

The two-headed needle induction vibrational magnitude will transmit the induction results to the circuit device and enable the circuit to start.

Solid needle

The solid needle saves the mother-seat docking and is used to directly connect the gold finger on the PCB board

Side horizontal

The side design greatly reduces the thickness of the product and applies to the current ultra-thin product.

Bend type

The end of the pin shaft bends, providing the designers with more options for the use of space.

Magnetic type

Can achieve good high frequency signal transmission, can provide more than 3A current charge.

Waterproof type

The product can be applied to a more hostile environment and bring customers more safety and reliability.

Selection Table

Small contact resistance, accurate operating force error, The advantages of diverse specifications. POGO PIN is widely used in electronic equipment and white household appliances.


Toward the age of automation

It has been successfully developed: parts assembly machine, automatic riveting machine, semi-automatic assembly equipment, automatic resistance and dynamic testing machine, etc.;
By investing in R & D of technology and equipments, products’ output and performance have been improved, which are enable us to meet the high standard requirements of high-end customers.


POGO PIN Introduction and scope of application

in the connector industry, pogo pin is a special connection technology, which is accepted by many well-known manufacturers in the world. Furthermore, this technology has been successfully used for more than one hundred kinds of electronic products such as mobile phone inside battery and antenna connection, GPS positioning system, notebook computer, smart watches, POS machines, printers, digital cameras, game equipment, vehicle outdoor lights, hearing aids, Bluetooth headset, medical equipment, military communications, radio etc..

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